The healthcare industry in the United States is always evolving to adapt to the conditions and demands of patient care, and it is presently undergoing one of the more extreme paradigm shifts any industry has ever had to face. POINTCORE was formed to help our clients face that shift head on, with the best possible information and construction technology at their disposal to better meet the demands and evolution constantly being thrown their way. Our company is specifically and intentionally managed to contribute to our client’s success by helping them to adapt to and overcome those challenges.


Our consistency of success is not by chance. It is a result of the concerted, intentional efforts of professionals who are passionate about their craft and the future of the clients and communities they serve. At no point in the life of a project is this more vital than before construction actually begins. Often, our clients are making decisions during the planning stages, or during the early stages of the preconstruction/design process that will impact their facilities for decades. Because of that daunting reality, we believe that the most important thing a true building partner can do for their clients is to provide the highest level of detailed, accurate information as is possible along with the most cutting-edge tools in the industry so that our client can make the best, most informed decision possible. By providing comprehensive planning, design, construction, and operations services, our clients can build a future for their network that is adaptable, efficient, and ultimately successful.


Once construction begins, our team raises the bar for what our industry is capable of in the pursuit of the safest, cleanest, most efficient construction projects possible. Our team strives for excellence on every facet of every project. From the project’s earliest inception through it’s ongoing operations and maintenance, our team is there to ensure our clients needs are being met and their expectations exceeded by applying our cutting edge tools and methodology to each project no matter the size and providing our clients with the most detailed, accurate information possible.


POINTCORE Design is a one-stop shop for everything related to medical facility design. Our dedicated professional team applies their expertise and cutting edge tools to serve our clients on every project need they have. Our team works side-by-side with our client’s representatives to fully understand their needs and provide solutions through intentional, considered design that marries fit and function with aesthetic excellence and budget-conscious design.


By working to comprehensively understand our client’s needs and budget and then aligning it with historic costs as well as current market conditions, our clients and their design team receive real-time, on-demand, accurate and relevant cost information. This allows the design to proceed without danger of exceeding future, milestone budget estimates and incurring re-design work that costs the project crucial time and money, further delaying the project’s speed to market. The comprehensive services our team provides during pre-construction leads to an efficient project delivery once construction begins by eliminating all unknowns and quantifying every cost detail in their Guaranteed Maximum Price, ensuring no change orders once construction begins.

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